3D Models: Drawing Helper Manikins

Often when you want to draw something (on paper) or even create a scene in 3d there is a need to make a layout in order to perfect the idea before adding detail. Blender is very good for this task but most of the time if your idea involves humans it can be difficult to build a rough shape quickly. That is why in this package there are 5 files containing quick shaped manikins from my early ones hierarchically jointed, to the simple rigged unimesh approach. Browse through and use what you need but the latest version is in SingleHumanBase.blend, with a morph target that controls the amount of “manliness”.


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  1. Michael

    Thank you very much! These are the only remotely free manikins I could find and they are all very well made (far beyond my abilities). In case you where wondering I plan on posing them, rendering the poses, and reducing the number of colors to about 60 to use as the base for custom sprites I plan on making. I plan on coming back from time to time and recommending this site to friends. p.s This is a really nice website.

  2. Fihril

    Thank you very much!! Absolutely more helpful than those wooden manikins :)

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