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One often overlooked great method to using a 3D modeling package, is not to build fully three dimensional meshes at all. This is also a great method for building displacement bitmaps. However there are current problems to rendering properly since you have to add details in layers that do not light up correctly when rendering, and orthographic camera alignment is a bit of a pain. I had a solution in the works for a while (and may actually have time to complete it now) based on my old Neg3D RTK which I will have a working version up *soon* (note don’t hold your breath on this). In the meantime I have two great examples of what I’m talking about.

A word of caution there is nudity in the post after the jump, or at least a resemblance of it ;)

I knew what I wanted to create, a simple modest sitting girl picture. So i browsed the net for inspiration, and I found THIS, so I created the mesh below in a couple of hours of playing with the original by artist Sam Liu as inspiration.


I liked the result but needed something that was mine and more hardcore was needed, so the image below is my own mesh started from scratch using one of the drawhelper manikins as a starting point for position and layout. The complete image took a few afternoons. I hope you like it

Just so people can understand the topology a bit more here is a wire shot of an early working version.

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  1. Patrick Pitu

    Nice ass.

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